WINTERWORKS  Paper Cuts by Lucinda Clarke


I am fortunate to have grown up in a tall oak forest in the rolling hills of Virginia. Each year when we drive there to visit we pass through the Appalachian Valley and the farmlands of New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The silhouettes of trees that divide the fields and line the ridge tops are a part of my soul. For years I've been exploring this passion though my paper cuts and paintings.

My 'tree lines' are cut with scissors from folded paper. I use these in various ways. One titled, 'Endless Forest' is a continuous 70 ft long line cut from waterproof outdoor paper intended for wrapping trees. I also stencil tree lines onto aluminum and then carve the details of the trees with linoleum gouges.  

The Tree Tiles are made on commercial tiles that I paint with a ceramic paint into which I scratch drawings of trees. They are oven baked to a very durable finish.

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