WINTERWORKS  Paper Cuts by Lucinda Clarke

For many years I've wanted to see my work displayed in windows and in a larger scale.  I am now cutting my circular designs of interlocking insects, animals, botanicals and trees out of Tyvek house wrap (a sort of industrial plastic paper) I mount them on wire rings, and spray them with a variety of colors.   I create them with one side dark, and the other light, to provide display options for the best viewing contrast.
They are weatherproof and quite durable, able to be either indoors or outdoors, and are available in a range of sizes ( 33", 18" and  8" diameter) 
Seeing my designs on a large scale is super exciting for me.. the abstract quality is highlighted from a distance, while the insects, amphibians, botanicals and trees are easy to see in close detail.  

In the fall of 2013 I took the skills I'd developed working on the furniture stenciling, as described below, and began experimenting with them in new ways. I now am stenciling my insects and botanicals onto silk scarves and dyeing them with a heliographic, or 'sun dyeing' technique. The colors range from soft and muted to intense. The whole process is perfect for my winter work. The dyes are non toxic and colorfast and the paper cutting and scarf production can continue throughout the cold months until my gardening profession resumes in the spring. The scarves are now available at several of the finest craft galleries in the NH Seacoast area and in Boston, MA.  They will also, of course, be with us at the Button Factory Open Studios in December.

I've recently begun a new project.  My cut paper lanterns are a constructed from wood, copper wire and hand cut paper.  There is a different paper design stitched onto each side of the square,  which are designed to hold a battery powered candle. I'm still working on the final design for these!

 My husband Bill Clarke and I have  worked on several projects together. Our collaborations include  love seat couches which are decorated with stencils depicting botanicals, insects and amphibians, and a dining room set which includes a table and sideboard. It also incorporates my paper cuts.  Based on a botanical theme, the stenciled images wrap around the dining table and are also the decorative element on the back splash of the side board.
Preceding the botanical table was a collaboration between myself and husband, and his brother David Clarke (of Bristol, RI)  Together we created a table that highlights each of our work.  Bill designed and built the full size dining table.  The top is made of black walnut which was locally harvested.  The decorative center pedestal is quarter sawn basswood in the shape of a pyramid.  David carved and painted large, whimsical frogs which serve as the table's feet.  I created paper cuts similar to Egyptian hieroglyphs which wrap around the skirt of the table.
Sculptural pieces involving the paper cuts are also displayed in the photos below. Paper cuts made from paper towels, sprayed with paint and woven with stainless steel wire into metal mesh frames are wall pieces.  The spray over shadow images are also used as sculptural wall pieces. The full size snow flake like pieces are cut from hand made paper and mounted with pins into shadow boxes, reminiscent of entomological specimens.

Finally, each year a new WinterWorks design is silk screened onto shirts which are available at the annual Open Studios at the Button Factory in Portsmouth, NH along with many of my other projects.
 Here is a display of some of the various Winterworks tees worn by family members ....That is me on the far left!


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