WINTERWORKS  Paper Cuts by Lucinda Clarke

For many years I've wanted to see my work displayed in windows and in a larger scale.  I am now cutting my circular designs of interlocking insects, animals, botanicals and trees out of Tyvek house wrap (a sort of industrial plastic paper) I mount them on wire rings, and spray them with a variety of colors.   I create them with one side dark, and the other light, to provide display options for the best viewing contrast.
They are weatherproof and quite durable, able to be either indoors or outdoors, and are available in a range of sizes ( 33", 18" and  8" diameter) 
Seeing my designs on a large scale is super exciting for me.. the abstract quality is highlighted from a distance, while the insects, amphibians, botanicals and trees are easy to see in close detail.  
I'm also beginning to cut my designs from aluminum.  It's difficult to cut the 8 layers of the Window Webs, so I've gone back to designs folded just 4 or 2 times.  Rectangular bookmarks  and square designs are developing. The silver aluminum reflects the light from inside and outdoors, making the designs visible day and night, from inside and outdoors. Birds can see the bright light reflected in the windows and may be saved from smashing into the glass.  Bookmarks are painted with dark metallic paint on one side for strong visual contrast on white paper with the designs featuring insects, amphibians, botanicals and trees.

Lanterns and More

  My cut paper lanterns are a constructed from wood, copper wire and hand cut paper.  There is a different paper design stitched onto each side of the square,  which are designed to hold a battery powered candle. I'm still working on the final design for these!

Finally, each year a new WinterWorks design is silk screened onto shirts which are available at the annual Open Studios at the Button Factory in Portsmouth, NH along with many of my other projects.
 Here is a display of some of the various Winterworks tees worn by family members ....That is me on the far left!


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